August 6, 2013


Storage Auctioneers

Auction Terms and Conditions

  1. The Storage Auctioneer reserves the right to change the terms and conditions by notification means of updating the website.
  2. Only adults over the age of 18 years with valid photo identification are allowed to register and participate.
  3. The Storage Auctioneer determines the bid increments.  The audience may offer bids but the Storage Auctioneer makes the decision to accept the bid or decline.
  4. For now no children are allowed during the live portion of our sale.  Bring em around after the auction closes and we can say hi!
  5. No pets please, with the exception of medical assistance animals.
  6. The Storage Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse or allow service.
  7. No discrimination is allowed at our auctions.
  8. Bad behavior, of any person, is not acceptable.  Treat others with respect at all times and you will receive respect as well.
  9. No touching, moving items, or entering the storage locker units at any time.
  10. If you break the rules you will be warned and may not be allowed to bid.
  11. If rules are repeatedly broken, you will be removed from our mailing list and not allowed to participate in future events.
  13. A 10% Buyer’s Premium applies to all sales.
  14. All bidders and attendants protect and hold harmless Storage Auctioneers and associates for any legal claim or injury.  Disputes will be settled by the Auctioneer, or in the New York State Supreme Court.  Participants waive their right to remove the case to Federal Court.
  15. The high bidder is responsible for municipal sales tax and transfer fees if any.
  16. Only bid on what you can pay for!
  17. Payment must be made in full immediately after the sale.
  18. After payment the title transfers to the buyer.  Good luck and happy storage hunting!
  19. Trash tipping fees may apply for waste removal so check the facility first! The buyer is responsible for waste removal costs if any.
  20. Purchased storage lockers, storage units, unclaimed shipping containers, and storage facilities may include the cost of a deposit on the unit in the final price and the full deposit is refunded if the locker is cleaned out in 24 hours.

If you understand, are over 18, and agree to our Storage Auction Terms and Conditions, then please click here to approve and register as a bidder with Storage Auctioneers.