Arizona Storage Auctions of Unclaimed Freight

Smartbox Storage Auctions in Phoenix Arizona THIS SATURDAY!! Hosted by: Storage Auctioneers Saturday July 30th 2016 11:30 am UTC (Mountain Time Zone), Registration starts 11:15 am 875 South 65th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85043 15 plus shipping containers to be sold by Storage Auctioneers to the highest bidder. Our Storage Auctions are held ABSOLUTE.  SOLD to the highest bidder.[…]

Texas Auctioneers Gavel

Texas Storage Auctions

Texas Storage Auctions Unclaimed freight, storage and shipping We know many of our buyers in “The Blessed South” have been waiting especially patiently for more opportunities to buy unclaimed freight at Texas Storage Auctions.  Get ready! The next round of online auctions will post this week Bidding BEGINS July 8th 2016 and CLOSES at 1:05pm EST/12:05pm CT July 14th[…]

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Reliable Van and Storage Auctions

Smartbox and Reliable Van NJ Storage Auction Hosted by: Storage Auctioneers Saturday June 4th 2016 11:00 am EST, Registration starts 10:45 am 550 Division Street, Elizabeth NJ 07210 40 plus lockers to be sold by Storage Auctioneers to the highest bidder. Our Storage Auctions are held ABSOLUTE.  SOLD to the highest bidder.  ALL LOTS SOLD AS[…]

Smartbox New Jersey Storage Auctions


Unclaimed Storage Auctions of Shipping Containers To Be Auctioned Saturday MAY 2nd, 11:00 AM in New Jersey Notice of Public Auction SATURDAY, MAY 2nd, 2015 11:00 AM New Jersey, LLC, dba SMARTBOX, 15 Willett St. Unit 2, Bloomfield, NJ 07003; 1-877-627-8269 The unclaimed storage auctions of shipping containers with household goods; will be sold by public Storage Auction[…]

New Jersey Storage Container Auctions Storage Auctioneers

Unclaimed Shipping Container Auctions

Unclaimed Shipping Container Auctions By: Storage Auctioneers Ever wondered what an Unclaimed Shipping Container Auction looks like? This video, produced with help from AO Entertainment and Manhattan Musicians, gives you the look and feel of how Unclaimed Shipping Container Auctions operate. First, you the buyer, see the advertisement for a collection lien sale through AuctionZip,[…]

Unclaimed Shipping Container Auctions

Bigger Storage Auctions, More Money, Bigger Pay Storage Auctioneers welcome you to our: Unclaimed Shipping Container Auctions Wow, big money shipping storage auctions can get wild really quickly. Most of the world’s international trade is done by transcontinental container ships.  These massive behemoth boats cruise the world’s oceans as +200,000 ton leviathans   Millions of shipping containers enter New York,[…]

Storage Unit Auctions

Storage Unit Auctions for Sale by Storage Auctioneers If you are searching for the right Storage Unit Auction, you’ve come to the right business.  Thank you for visiting and reading further.  If you need to speak with a representative please dial 1(877) 777-7646 or visit our contact page. At Storage Auctioneers, we specialize in Storage[…]