Hunting Storage Locker Auction in New York

Storage Auctioneers Presents:

Hunting Storage Locker Auction in New York

We have several storage units up for auction in Long Island, New York.

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The lockers have been processed and will be auctioned very soon.  To attend, you must register as a buyer here.  We will send you specific coordinates via email update and we also use social media so be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at #RepoAuctioneers.  Stay updated with the latest and greatest storage auction information.

These three lockers were reportedly all owned by the same person (a hunting guide and trapper) and contain what appear to be hunting outfits, camping equipment, fur, leather, and tools.  If any firearms are found, they must be immediately reported to the Storage Auctioneer and the ATF.  There are no guarantees that guns are in these specific storage units however, If at any time weapons are found they need to be evaluated.

Please Note: Also, furs, hides and taxidermy must also not include endangered species or migratory species.  If you purchase the lockers, you must be sure and comply with any Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation requirements.

Generally collectible war weapons, which are demilitarized are deemed to be non operational, can be owned by the general public.  You will need to contact the proper authorities and we can help you begin the process once you report finding any firearm.

From what ATF Agents report, firearms over a certain age can be considered antique, and antiques trade differently than a hunting rifle or an assault machine gun.  Our local friendly Storage Auctioneers have seen it all before.  In the Heartland and across America, gun shows were a major part of normal living for many Americans.  Now some of these finely made guns are surfacing to the resale market.

In the United States it is routine to uncover firearms in abandoned storage lockers and buyers regularly find military surplus and privately manufactured arms in shipping container auctions and storage unit auctions.  Not every buyer finds a gun, but when dealing with what looks to be three Storage Lockers full of hunting related items, the chance exists to find a few boomsticks and sharp pointy things.

Personally, we love the smell of gunsmoke and money in the morning as long as no one gets hurt.  This weekend may be your chance at finding a local storage locker for sale at a NY Storage Auction.

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