Nationwide Storage Auctions

Nationwide Storage Auctions

Storage Auctioneers thank you for your business

Every day across America hundreds if not thousands of storage auctions are conducted by Storage Auctioneers across the U.S.A.

Our Storage Auctioneers specialize in conducting

  • Storage Auctions
  • Storage Unit Auctions
  • Shipping Container Auctions
  • Unclaimed Freight Auctions
  • Government Municipal Auctions
  • Surplus Reduction Auctions
  • Justice Department Auctions
  • Court ordered Auctions
  • Lein Sales
  • Factory Liquidations
  • Business closeouts
  • Mass inventory fire sales
  • Wholesale auctions

For Owners of a Storage Facility, we have a selection of advantage services you may choose from including.

  • Live auctioneering services
  • Ring Men/women
  • Crowd Control and Security
  • Transparent Cash ONLY Financial Transactions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Targeted Marketing Plans
  • Advertising layout
  • Graphic Design
  • Additional Exposure
  • Buyer Management
  • Client Relationship Development
  • Auction Technology Services
  • Block and virtual clerking
  • Bilingual Auctioneers and Support Staff

For Storage Auctions Treasure Hunters we offer:

  • Fair and experienced Storage Auctioneers
  • Non biased bidding platform
  • Safe bidding environment
  • Auction bidding advice
  • Most facilities have small bathrooms and power
  • Low auction fees
  • Transparent CASH ONLY SALES, with no cash processing fee
  • Free email mailing list
  • Free social media
  • Some venues will be catered depending on time and duration
  • Parking for the early birds

Thankfully there are tens of thousands of storage auctions at a variety of locations across the United States.  Storage auctions take place at outdoor storage facilities, shipyards, docks, warehouses, factories, or possibly indoors at a climate controlled storage auction. Dress accordingly for each venue.  Layers allow you to be covered or cool.  Please be respectful of others and always consider showering with soap before the auction.  Some venues can be quite hot in the summer and everyone should feel comfortable.  Please remember Storage auctions make up part of American Treasure Hunting so some bidders are in fact actual pirates.  We cannot police every buyer, so be aware of those around you and how they bid against you.

The platform is fair, although, those with greater experience and more time in the business tend to make greater profits.  Buyers need to buy low and sell products high, however, bidding wars do erupt for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps the high bidder feels territorial and wishes to protect their stake in the neighborhood.

Anyway you slice it, Storage Auctions can be entertaining, educational and fun as long as all the adults play nicely together.

Thank you for choosing Storage Auctioneers for your local Storage Auctions.

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