New Storage Unit Auctions NY

New Storage Auctions NY

Attention Storage Auction Buyers

Storage Auctions NY to Santa Barbara courtesy of Independent

If you would like to attend a Storage Auction near in your neighborhood it is as easy as filling out a confidential registration form and bringing cash money to the sale. We have basic Storage Auction Terms and Conditions which every bidder must read, understand, and agree to willingly.

We invite all well behaved bidders over 18 to register and bring enough cash to bid and buy on auction day!

There are few guarantees in life, so only bid on what you can buy with the money in your pocket.  It could be an old muscle car, it might be a new Mercedes, it might be a pile of dirty smelly socks with silver dollars in the toes, you never can tell unless you win the bid and dive in.  The Storage Auctioneer can usually give you some background, depending on what information is available.  We don’t go inside the locker and we don’t move anything around, and ask you to do the same.  We try not to play favorites, however, being friendly, honest, and polite is certainly a plus for everyone.  Storage Unit Auctions are for everyone with good vibes over the age of 18.

If you register, attend our Storage Unit Auctions, and become the high bidder, congratulations!  If you are back up bidder, we will also take your information and bid number, just in case the high bidder made a human mistake and defaults.  If a buyer defaults, they get one warning.  After that, another default black lists that bidder and company for eternity plus infinity.  Back bidding is not allowed.  Every bid that is accepted by the auctioneer is a binding financial offer to purchase the storage unit.  Only bid on what you are ready to buy please!  Thank you for your understanding the guidelines at our Storage Unit Auctions!

The Storage Auctioneer of the Storage Unit Auctions or Freight Storage Container, reserves the right to close, sell, accept bids, re-open bidding, and set bidding increments.

If you have any questions please contact us here and ask away!  Our friendly representatives are happy to assist you, especially if it is your first time at Storage Unit Auctions!

Thank you for choosing Storage Auctioneers for:

Your, local NY Storage Unit Auctions Company

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