New York and New Jersey Storage Auction Tips

New York and New Jersey Storage Auction Tips

Thank you from Storage Auctioneers to all our new and repeat buyers!

Your support over the past year has been amazing.

The summer bidding at our New York and New Jersey Storage Auctions has been hotter than the heatwave and everything is ,”SOLD!”  Now that the temperature has cooled off just a bit, even more buyers are showing up to our storage auctions of shipping containers, storage lockers, and unclaimed freight.

For your information: We publish ONLY to registered bidders and ONLY email information for sales which are located within a selected radius of your central office location.

If you are already a registered buyer and wish to expand your network of Storage Auctions and increase your profitability, our Storage Auctioneers understand and are happy to help you break into the business.

10 Solid Storage Auction Tips for NY and NJ Storage Auctions

  1. There are no guarantees in the treasure hunting business.  
  2. Be sure you start making a profit before over extending yourself financially.
  3. Many Storage Auction veterans will tell you,”I only bid on what I can see, not what I can feel.”  And some of those professionals make their bread through buying and selling from Storage Unit Auctions.
  4. Once the expenses are paid, and everything is sold, the revenue – expenses = income.
  5. Increased income depends on revenue and low expenses.
  6. Don’t become another hoarder!
  7. Keep your business model lightweight and flexible with an exit strategy in mind.
  8. Only buy items you know are already sold, due to knowing the marketplace.
  9. Network with other professionals because you can’t know everything even with Google.
  10. Be polite at all times because it is the right thing to do, and, it is good for business.

We thank you for choosing Storage Auctioneers as the elite auction house for New York and New Jersey Storage Auctions.



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