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Our company offers trained professional Storage Auctioneers for your lein sales of repossessed inventory.  We can improve your bottom line by returning non performing storage units back to productive performance.  We use technology and honest business ethics to maximize returns.

Storage Auction Buyers (storage treasure hunters, dumpster divers, recyclers, repurpose people, thrift shop royalty, swap meet soldiers) can expect a fair platform where they can bid and buy units and lockers without bias.

Storage Auction Sellers, (Owners of Storage Facilities, Shipping Container Companies, Moving Companies, Holding Companies, Pawn Shops, Banks) capitalize on their ROI return on investment and potentially move on to greater profits.

The Community, can expect that the contents of abandoned houses, municipality surplus, Justice Department inventory, and derelict property is quickly, safely, and legally liquidated.

Our professional Storage Auctioneers are knowledgeable experts in the proven method of auction marketing.  With the exceptions of natural disasters and Acts of God, well advertised auctions build interest, create competition, and potentially increase returns because of the fundamentals of market supply and demand.

We direct the competitive bidding and fairly choose the bidder with the high bid.  Our Storage Auctioneers are based in New York City, however, our licensed agents travel around the country servicing facilities around the United States.

Our hardworking auction families are ready to direct storage auctions in your neighborhood.  We put the rock and roll in your event with electric personalities, experienced storage auction staff, Live auctioneering by licensed and bonded trustworthy Storage Auctioneers.

The business world is tough enough without complications.  We offer transparent cash transactions, strategic planning, even bidding platforms, turnkey service at competitive cost.  Eliminated the headaches and make your next storage auction extra fun!

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