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Attending, viewing, and buying at a NY Storage Auction is much like buying at storage auctions in New Jersey or storage auctions in California, except, almost everything cost more at a New York Storage Auction.

Our NY storage unit auctions may be in the five boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx), Long Island, Albany, or somewhere in-between.

Due to the nature of the storage auction and lien business, sometimes (preferably) we have advanced notice on property for sale, and other times, lots pop up and we auction them off without breaking stride.  So the auction list changes.  Someone may hopefully come in and pay their bill, however, some one may also likewise decide not to pay their final bill at the last moment and then after the 30-60days normal warning period, the storage locker may be sold to the public.

Generally Public notice is required, however, if someone decides to sell their storage locker and pay off the debt before it goes to default, then no public notice is required.

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