Storage Unit Auctions Etiquette

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Storage Unit Auctions Etiquette:

We very much appreciate your business.  We thank you in advance for respecting the other buyers like professionals.  Auction Etiquette is a learned practice which comes with experience and exposure to various auction house expectations.  At Storage Auctioneers we have fun at our auctions and like to provide an enjoyable place to bid with money and wits, although some still use muscle and mitts.  Enjoy your next Storage Unit Auction and we hope you win the dream bid!

The 40 Commandments of Successful Storage Unit Auctions

20 Practices to profit and save you headaches.

  1. Always bring enough money to bid and buy.  You can only buy what you can pay for in CASH.
  2. Professionals only bid on what they can see, not what they can “feel” or “imagine” is in the unit
  3. Auctions go on rain or shine, unless prohibited by Act of God, so be present and on time
  4. Flashlights, step stools, periscopes are permitted however, use at your own risk
  5. Good behavior is appreciated, treat others with respect and you too should be respected
  6. Always be polite to the auction staff, the other buyers, and anyone you meet (good policy)
  7. Please Pick UP after yourselves, including, when cleaning out a storage unit
  8. Remember to include the buyer’s premium, sales tax, and a refundable deposit when bidding
  9. Donate to charity whenever possible, help those less fortunate, and get a tax deduction
  11. BID CLEARLY to the Storage Auctioneers or auction assistant
  12. If you wish to jump the bid, offer your higher bid in the pre approved increment for acceptance
  13. Jumping a bid sometimes leaves other bidders behind and shows your intent to buy
  14. Be careful “running up” the bid on another bidder, try only bidding on lockers you intend to buy
  15. Not everyone plays fairly at an auction, many bidders will try to bid secretly so be aware
  16. If you are having trouble at a storage auction, try making friends with the auctioneer, it helps
  17. Do keep up to date about storage auction info because sometimes the date and time change
  18. Do speak up and do the right thing with any family pictures you may find
  19. Do be careful when storage unit locker diving at your own risk
  20. Do buy low and sell high, live long, prosper, and help the community

20 Avoidable Headaches

  1. No one is permitted to go in or touch anything inside the storage locker before the auction!
  2. Children and adults who behave like children are not allowed
  3. Pets, unless required by medical condition, are unfortunately not allowed
  4. Do not block, push, shove, or harass others while viewing, bidding, or buying
  5. Foul play, intimidation, stealing, or illegal conduct may result in removal and legal action
  6. Do not attend or bid if intoxicated, inebriated, medicated, or in a confused state
  7. Do not let yourself be out bid and expect to buy
  8. Do not over bid if you do not have the cash to pay the bill in full (plus tax and fees)
  9. Do not forget to shower or use soap before bidding inside an enclosed area
  10. Do not try to bid on the sly and expect the storage auctioneers to take your bid
  11. Do not forget your bids are legally binding contracts
  12. Do not forget to park your vehicles in a safe place AT YOUR OWN RISK
  13. Do not bully or intimidate other buyers, EVERY polite person has the right to bid and buy
  14. Do not move or touch anything inside the locker until the bill is paid in full
  15. Do not sexually harass anyone and please report harassment, Be gentlemen and ladies
  16. Do not forget, we reserve the right to restrict access at any point for any reason
  17. Do not back bid, you will be disqualified from all further auctions if we feel it was intentional
  18. Audio Recording, film, videography, and flash photography is strictly prohibited at all times
  19. The usage of any likeness without authorization is prohibited, please just ask first
  20. If these requests are too much, please stay home and let someone else buy your locker

Thank you for being a professional and for bidding at NAA Storage Auctioneers’ Storage Unit Auctions.  We appreciate your business and hope you, “win the bin”!  Happy Treasure Hunting!

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