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If you are searching for the right Storage Unit Auction, you’ve come to the right business.  Thank you for visiting and reading further.  If you need to speak with a representative please dial 1(877) 777-7646 or visit our contact page.

At Storage Auctioneers, we specialize in Storage Unit Auctions, Storage Locker Auctions, Lien Sales, container auctions, shipping auctions, unclaimed freight auctions and more.

If you would like to visit our Storage Unit Auctions, and participate, we need you to read, understand, and agree to our terms and conditions located here. You can register here on this link or follow it on the same Auction Terms and Conditions page.  We will email you a calendar of Storage Auction events where you and your team can bid and hopefully buy storage units for sale.

Whoever has the most cash day of the auction can certainly win and own one or all of our storage lockers.

Attention Treasure Hunters, Dumpster Divers, and Recyclers!!:

To give you an idea of how many storage facilities there are in the United States:

Our Awesome California Representatives have booked over 3,000 storage unit auctions in 2012 alone!!  California storage auctions only represent 5% of American Storage Auctions.  For a full list of U.S. States where Storage Auctioneers auction storage units click here and scroll down!