Storage Wars New York Season Finale

So what do Storage Auctioneers watch on TV?

Season Finale Storage Wars New York of course!

Get out there and bid to win!  Forget about it!

The Series Finale of “Storage Wars New York” is on television and the scene has changed from California to New York and Long Island.  Tonight is the last show of the season and we will be tuned in!

As you might expect, “Storage Wars New York” features storage auctions of storage lockers, storage containers, storage rooms, and even shipping containers.  There are larger than life personalities.  Such large egos grow only in The Big Apple.

Here at Storage Auctioneers, we are a national network of hardworking Americans, earning a living selling storage lockers and lien sales at auction.  The American Auctioneers: Team Dan and Laura Dotson have assured us that the A & E Television Hit Series, “Storage Wars” is legit.  Team Dotson auctions over 3,000 sales a year in California, and if they say the lockers are real, we believe them.  Dan and Laura are as honest a couple of auctioneers as we’ve ever met.

Some people say “Storage Wars New York” is too good to be true.  We at Storage Auctioneers aren’t directly involved with the production of “Storage Wars New York” however, we can understand it must be strange to see the microcosm of NYC from an outsider’s perspective.  “Storage Wars New York” has the potential to be a great market for New Yorkers and New Jersey treasure hunters, and it may be why we were asked about recording our Manhattan storage auctions.

Here in Manhattan, we have been called to auction fine art collections including Picasso, Gauguin, Paul Cezanne, original masterpieces, limited editions, imported original Italian antique furniture and marble, designers Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Couture, Coach, Chanel, Herme’s, imported designer chandeliers, Revere Sterling Silver, Rosenthal Crystal, Lalique, Cartier, Mercedes, Ferrari, Tiffany’s, Wedgwood, antique armor, fine collectables, Rolex, Montblanc, gold coins, and much more.  Every bit was in an estate sale and or Manhattan storage auction.

Storage space is so expensive in New York City, that hopefully, if someone was willing to pay the money to store items, than the items were hopefully worth more than the price of the storage locker rent.  People are crashing in and out of the Big City that never sleeps, so there are over 1,000 storage lockers auctioned in New York City every month!  Likewise, in the counties surrounding NYC, people have moved out seeking space, or moved in and had to downsize.  Either way, the NY countryside is full of storage auctions every month!

That means you have a great chance of finding a locker to fit your budget.  It also means some people just never came back for their things and you might be able to find their unclaimed treasure.  Likewise, New York and New Jersey are international trade meccas.  There is a huge amount of unclaimed freight as well as storage lockers for auction.

If you register with us there is no guarantee you will ever be on Storage Wars New York or New Jersey, however, the chances are good that one day you will be recommended to a storage auction where you can bid and buy the unknown and possibly become the new furniture king, art gambler or successful mogul.  Cameras and filming is generally prohibited by the storage facility at our auctions, so don’t register expecting to attend and film our storage auctions.

We appreciate you being professional and polite to your fellow storage auction buyers and Storage Auctioneers.  We try to keep things classy at our events, although the bidding has been known to heat up.  Thank you for registering and bidding at our New York Storage Auctions.

A & E Storage Wars New York Season Finale Tonight!

If it wasn’t for Storage Auctions some people might be considered a bit crazy.