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Unclaimed Shipping Container Auctions

Shipping Container Auctions at Port Elizabeth NJ Storage Auctioneers

Wow, big money shipping storage auctions can get wild really quickly.

Most of the world’s international trade is done by transcontinental container ships.  These massive behemoth boats cruise the world’s oceans as +200,000 ton leviathans   Millions of shipping containers enter New York, New Jersey, California, Georgia, Puerto Rico, Miami, Anchorage, Honolulu, as well as many more ports of entry for international shipping.  Our Expert Storage Auctioneers sell unclaimed shipping containers around the world.  Register for free here!

  • Q.  Why do shipping container auctions happen?  

  • A.  Unclaimed freight auctions in America can happen for many reasons.

EXAMPLE: So Dealer Joe from America orders three Ferraris from Italy.  No problem, accept Joe gets tied up in import taxes because his wife finds him with a dozen cheerleaders and she wasn’t invited.  Her lawyer takes him to the bank and before you know it, the costs on shipping the unit, paying the import tax, and everything else, don’t compete with the cost of the divorce and the fight for the kids.

Eventually the shipping company and storage company want their fees and Joe can’t pay.  Unfortunately for Joe, the mythical three Ferraris go up for sale in one of many shipping container auctions in ports of entry.

Fortunately for the buyers, they come along and see the high profile racing tires under the cover of the first car, and see how deeply the container is packed.  They also see the Ferrari Emblems on the crates and so the bidding goes high.  Let’s say the bidding stops at $150,000. Well three mint condition Ferraris minus the import cost, still should be a six figure pay day for the lucky buyer.  The storage and shipping container auction company gets paid their due and the remainder goes to Joe and most probably his angry wife.

Joe could have just unfortunately lost his income, lost his business partner, lost his buyer, passed away, gone out of business, moved away, or disappeared and didn’t pay.  Unfortunately death, divorce, and taxes are usually the reasons why freight goes unclaimed.  Perhaps freight may also have been involved with nefarious activities so buyer beware of what you might find hidden away in your storage treasure.  Detective work is up to you.

Storage and shipping containers may have cars, supplies, equipment, personal items, entire house contents, wholesale goods, or stacks of collectible beanie babies and baseball cards.  It is unlikely someone was shipping complete junk because of the costs involved, so bidding at shipping container auctions can be fiercely intense.

When big money is on the line, we recommend setting a reasonable limit for what you can spend.  Our auctioneers never buy or bid on items, so the bidders determine the market value of each lot.  As professional Storage Auctioneers, we would encourage our new buyers to only bid on what they can see, and not on what they can “feel” is inside the locker, unless they have a robust business model.

The prospecting business can be expensive, but you can’t sell the contents and profit if you are never the high bidder.  Don’t be intimidated by the numbers.  Do your research, know your market, know your budget, and share good knowledge with others.  If you pay good forward hopefully you can expect good future returns.

We are currently negotiating government contracts and port of entry authority agreements, to sell unclaimed shipping containers at auction.  Tax liquidations of business assets and lots from lein sales may be included with the unclaimed freight for sale at storage auction.

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