April 23, 2013


Welcome to Storage Auctioneers!

Our Professional Storage Auctioneers direct Storage Unit Auctions across America.  Dial 1-877-777-7646 hear about Storage Auctions.  If you are an interested Buyer, register here to attend our next event!  If you are a Storage Locker Owner and need our service, please contact our corporate office here.

The Storage Unit Auction business has been steadily growing from celebrity shows featuring auctioneers like Dan and Laura Dotson, Rick Sure, Letitia Fry, Josh Houke, Jimmy Hall, and more.  These auctioneers specialize in using the proven method of auction marketing and contract storage auctions.

The Storage Unit Auction business is not for everyone.  Not every locker has pirate gold, diamond rings, safes with old cash, antique guns, vintage motorcycles, collector original artwork, or commercial wholesale merchandise.  However, big scores do happen and it is a numbers game.

You can only buy what you can pay for same day with cash in hand.  10% buyers’ premium applies for the auction house, local sales tax applies and, deposit fees must also be paid in cash.  If the unit is left clean within 24 hours, the deposit is refunded.

We are in the business of selling items, some of which were unfortunately up for sale because someone has passed away.  If you come across family photographs and the family comes looking, please consider giving the photos back to the surviving family members.

Please keep it cool with the other bidders.  We do not allow brawling, cussing, fighting, hair pulling, spitting, or intimidation at our auctions.  Our storage unit auctions are places of fun bidding and hopefully quick profits for everyone involved.

We truly believe in win, win, win, win solutions and suport local charities whenever possible.  If you are looking to raise funds for a cause, a church, a school, the community, the needy or a corporation, we specialize in raising funds by having fun.

Bring your cash to the storage unit auction and leave your children.  Children are not allowed in or near the storage facilities.  Boxes may fall out of the units so view, buy, and move at your own risk.

Viewing is only allowed outside the storage unit and no one is allowed to touch items in the locker until they have confirmed the bid and paid the bill with the auction clerk.  Once the bill is paid, the locker is yours, and happy treasure hunting!